Family Issues (Help)

My name is David and I originally created this to provide info about My Imediate Family. But currently we are struggling with major issues. Such as Seperation, Divorce, Custody etc.. I was originally starting to look for work when Wife Left Daughter and I and did not truly peacefully communicate with me to see our Daughter and she scared me so I had to file for Temporary Custody. Which Failed as she retaliated I feel to make things worse to make sure I lost our Daughter. But enough about that.

I have been the Primary Care Giver/Parent for our daughter since birth & especially since The wife started working in early 2016. We were great I felt until the beginning of 2019, after we got denied for a low income Golden Bear state parks pass. She started changing and spending more time on her phone and more controlling of what I could have such as clothes and more. Emotionally hurting me by stating stuff like I'm not getting you that cause you will probaly gain more weight and not fit in them in a month. So I just zipped it held it in and kept doing all she asked & Trying to do more to keep her happy. The Saturday afternoon prior to our Issues she told me she was embaressed with how I dress, As people may look at her as a bad wife as she dresses nice and I don't. I told her who cares what people think as we never cared before. We are not here to impress everyone. We love each other and that is all that matters. Your my beautiful wife and sadly you have not allowed me to buy clothes to start dressing better or helped me get more excercise on your days off. But she was literally avoiding and getting aggitated/irritated with our Daughter for atleast the past 2-3 months. getting upset with her for making a mess after she picked it up, Climbing on her, bumping her or anything. Our daughter spent about 95% of the time with me even when Mama was home as she didn't feel comfortable with her unless mama would play with her etc.

Ok seriously enough of this for now. I have a truly hard time talking about it as I continue to cry and get more depressed. Which I am doing everything I can to keep my mind on getting the right things done. Such as job, medical and all the paper work to be able to get My baby back in my life. Everything has hit me hard as I have zero income and she left me with little of the savings and took 2/3's of the savings. Not even caring if I was on the street or not or how our daughter would feel or what wouuld have happened to our daughter if we lose this apartment. As our Manager continues to Lie to us and denies everything she tells us. I truly would love to move even if It was a travel trailer, cabin, granny flat etc and closer to jobs I can get to easily and get back on my feet for My baby girl.

About Darling Daughter

She is a beautiful princess who loves her daddy and going everywhere with me. She is a tremendous help when cleaning, shopping, even directions. She is Beautiful Blessed and the most wonderful joy in my life. I am positive she is traumatized as much as I am or more being seperated for this long. But I personally do not know what to do at the moment to be able to have her spend time with me. As the judge stated 1 thing and the order says we need to work it out. With 0 way for us to do it documented in the order. So I am seeking help to guide me thru taking and Getting her back in my life.

If anyone Knows how I can earn quickly and get back on my feet or if they would like to help with a go fund me to get everything situated I would be greatly appreciated for that. All feedback and assistance is welcomed. I currently Live in Auburn, CA. Placer County east of Sacramento. Sadly no vehicle at the moment as a judge granted it to her not even knowing her name was already removed from the title and at the time she didn't even drive. (her driving truly scares me and do not feel safe with her driving on the road)