About David

I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, lakes, beaches, Spending time with family, Helping others And traveling. I Love my wife even with all that has gone on, Daughter means everything to me and It Traumatizes me constantly not being with her. I am positive it is doing the same to her as we have never been apart more than 6hrs at once. I generally will drop what I am doing to help someone as long as it does not get in the way of Daughters life. I am kind not that funny more on the serious side due to how our marriage got this past few months. I value life, our country and all cultures.

I am currently Struggling With Family issues and Trying to look for a job that Can accept me for me and my current limitations. Prefer to get back in gear and do whats best and have My baby back in my life full time.


Clothing Needed Pants Size 50x30 I believe, Shirt size is about a 2-3x preferred Big & tall. Boxeys are 3x, Dress socks & I believe size 11 shoes, 45 for international size I believe.

My Dreams

To have a stable life, Working, Full time with Daughter, a Home with a yard and Garden for daughter to have a safe placce to play and have friends over, To enjoy the nature and teach daughter as much as I can and learn together and especially To put Daughter in a good school. (I would love for the wife to be in the picture but she chose to leave the picture and not even bother to work on our issues even though I asked for us to get marriage counseling to help with our communication issues along with our misunderstanding each other.)