About Khiara

Khiara is the Most Precious and Special Angel in my Life. She was Born September of 2015, Wife tried to do natural child birth and kept apologizing to me that she couldn't due to khiara getting stuck. I had to let her know She didn't do anything wrong as things happen and our angel will be fine. Sadly after Surgery and waking up, Wife would not hold our daughter for a couple days. Either ashamed scared I do not know. But I sort of made her and she started crying happily. I am glad I did. Khiara would not breast feed or bottle feed, so we had to syringe feed her for a few days. We did have a grumpy nurse that I complained about and she was no longer allowed in our room. I tried teaching Khiara how to suck on the bottle and she actually did it. Khiara did want to stand right away the day of birth or following day I forget. I was basically awake for 4 days and got my cat naps.

Khiara has always been a daddys girl ever since birth. If I went outside she always wanted to follow and get me. She was so adorable crawly to the door to be with me. She started walking properly and easily at 6months of age. Making it where we used the stroller less and less. Until this day Khiara would always cry if I left the apartment or was out of her site. She rarely ever did that with mama unless she truly wanted to help with laundry. It always pained me when Khiara would cry as we have this bond that is very hard to describe. But Hopefully we will be United again and be able to be stable again.

Photo's and Videos of Khiara

I will try setting up a gallery Or atleast embed some here in the near future.